Tank Talks


We have our own mercenary company now. That makes me happy. Now we can get paid to go fight… and investrigate things. Investrigations lead to bad guys who we fight which I like.


I got this new sword with little moving bits on it. It works great! I drew a picksure:


Moments of Lucidity

I may not be the smartest warforged on the assembly line but it seems recently my intelligence oscialltes between that of a normal sentient being and that of a somewhat angry retarded human. Anger and battle are the current triggers. During our escape from New Carville I was mentally sharp until some asswipe hit me with lightning. My brain took a backseat afterwards and instinct took over. Usually this is not a problem as my instincts have saved my shiny metal ass on many occasions but it’s taking longer for me to “come down” each time. Maybe I should go talk to the cleric… hahahahahahahahaha.

Tank Talks

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