Droaam is a region ruled by monsters. Few of the civilized races dare to test its borders. Their connection with the rest of Khorvaire is limited to a single House Orien roadway that passes through Graywall and into The Great Crag.


Droaam shares a tenuous border with The Shadow Marches to the west while the Byeshk Mountains keep it from expanding into the Eldeen Reaches to the north and the Graywall Mountains keep Breland safe from monstrous invasion, while the Barren Sea borders the nation to the south.


The Daughters of Sora Kell have changed the land of Droaam with will, intelligence, and a small army of ogres. The ogres have created roads that link the few major communities. The Daughters have also created racial diversity that you would not think could work in a kingdom of monsters. You can find harpies, ogres, and orcs in the same street going about their own business but you could only find these in the major cities. The rule of the land is the strong rule the weak. The Daughters only care about major threats like: raids and battle between monsters communities, raids on caravans, or anything that will look bad to the other kingdoms. Lesser crimes are mostly ignored, unless you are doing something to one of the warlords or their minions. A rare few, mostly the followers of the Queen of Stone, look at law with a sophisticated view. Government is a form of despotic feudalism, the most powerful warlords give tribute to The Daughters and they get to rule sections of Droaam. The tribute is paid in gold, goods, or soldiers and laborers. This works because the Daughters have an army of ogres and mass magical abilities at their beck and call.

Power Groups

The Dark Pack
Daughters of Sora Kell
Gnoll Brotherhood
Gorodan Ashlord
The Harpy Flights
House Deneith
House Tharashk
The ir’Igthorn Family
Mordain the Fleshweaver
Queen of Stone
Tzaran Rrac
Venomous Demesne
Znir Pact


Horned Prince – revered by the minotaurs of northern Droaam
Song of Passion and Rage (Fury) – venerated by the harpies of the Last Dirge
Stormsong (Devourer) – revered by the Stormsinger harpies
The Traveler – especially revered by changelings and doppelgangers of Droaam
Znir idols – a form of ancestor worship, the gnolls raise piles of stones to reflect their ancestor’s choice of freedom
Voices of the Shadow (Shadow) – among the most popular of Droaam’s deities, the Shadow is especially worshipped by medusas and oni
Skinners (Mockery)

History Under Galifar

During the time of Galifar, current day Droaam was claimed by Breland. It was never truly settled by humans, elves, dwarves or other civilized folk, instead remaining a land of savage monsters. Knights were known to enter Droaam and make their name by slaying monsters.

The Last War

During The Last War bands of monsters raided across the border into Breland seeking spoils and slaves. In 987 YK King Boranal pulled settlers away from the border and from in Droaam. That same year The Daughters of Sora Kell used their monstrous army to declare the nation of Droaam. Droaam was never recognized as a nation. Most Khorvairians believed that the alliance of monstrous humanoids would crumble to in-fighting and treachery. The Daughters of Sora Kell have manage to keep the warlords united under their banner for the last decade though.

Cities and Settlements

Cazhaak Draal
Graywall Outpost
The Great Crag
Grimstone Keep
Karthoon Tor
Mordain’s Hall
Shaarat Kol
Stonejaw Keep
Suthar Draal
Turakbar’s Fist
Tzaryan Keep

Other Notable Features

Barren Sea
Byeshk Mountains
Cazhaak Draal
The Fallen Demesne
Graywall Mountains
Scar River
Suthar Draal
The Watching Wood


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