The Demon Haunted World

A Fine Night for a Rogue

Act 1

The group arrived in New Carville and began reaching out to their contacts for assistance. Allen and Azurath were brought into the company as both were well known to AIM. Striking out from The Whispering Pines the team made their way to The Wounded Goat where they met with Handy Jack. Unfortunately for the group Tank got a little impatient with Jack and threatened him with a sound thrashing. This rather insulted Jack so he gave them the map without any other information.

While making their way to the sewer grate that would lead to the underground entrance of Calsons Vault they were confronted by The Gentlemen Bastards. After a quick skirmish The Bastards realized they were no match for the party and fled with their wounded. Adventures, Investigations, and Mercenaries Ltd. made its way throught the dank sewers to the Vault.

While in the Vault they overcame 4 different traps and a few guards. They released one guard bidding him to go home on pain of death. When the vault finally opened they found a goodly store of treasure and some very special items.

Each item seemed custom made for the adventurers and each had properties relating to time. Pleased with their new acquisitions the team made their way out of the main vault and were ready to descend into the sewers when Captain Vimes of the New Carville watch appeared to apprehend them. During the course of the viscious battle Vimes was decapitated and his men slaughtered. Realizing this was a bad thing the party beat a hasty retreat to The Whispering Pines.



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