New Carville

New Carville is a large city in the country of Breland situated on the Dagger River. It is the third largest city on the continent and home to a variety of peoples. Its a prosperous city with its main industries being lumber, dye and warehouse trade.

After the sacking of Galethspyre in 998YK there was no real port for the river boats from Woodhelm in The Dragonwood or a place to process their lumber. Wroat was also at a loss as most of the warehousing for the goods it sent to Sharn were now smouldering piles of ash. An enterprising young refugee from Galethspyre named Alton Carville gathered some fellow refugees and braved the smoldering ruins of their former city to salvage building materials, tools and whatever else the barbarian horde hadn’t looted.

Galethspyre was in ruins but fortunately for Alton the massive lumber-mills were left intact when the horde had to retreat in the face of a superior Breland army. Salvaging what riverboats he could Alton moved tons of already processed lumber, tools and other vital materials several miles south to where many refugees had been camping. With a steady influx of free materials the refugees built a new port, warehouses, docks, lumbermills and dye factories.

New Carville is home to many famous adventurers who like the less civilized feel of New Carville, compared to the sometimes snooty metropolitan attiude of Sharn, but still want the convieniences a city can provide. The most famous of these adventurers who’ve settled down is Sir Logan “Ninefingers” Calson who is a prominent figure and is said to have a vault laden with the treasures of his adventures(although recently rumour has circualted of a daring robbery).

New Carville sets the stage for A Fine Night for a Rogue Pt. 1 and A Fine Night for a Rogue Pt. 2.

New Carville

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