The Demon Haunted World

The holy warrior speaks up.

“Children are being taken. We have to help. We will dominate these fools.”

How could they argue with that? Sal’s Summer Palladium was about 12 hours downriver from New Carville.

Before reaching the dock there, Toshi has an idea. “We just stole this boat,” he says. “Plus, we’re wanted men. Maybe we should get out here and just send the Rainbow Warrior on it’s merry way.” The rest of A.I.M. agrees.

So they hit the auto-pilot button and bid farewell to their escape plan.

A short trek later and they arrive at the inn outside Sal’s. It’s but a moment to get rooms and change clothes to something less…obvious than chainmail and massive two-handed swords.

Upon entering Sal’s proper, the heroes are rudely shoved out of the way by famous bard and former adventurer Reese Roper and his entourage. “Fucking fans,” Reese says under his breath. “Hey, you look like you could use an autograph…no book? No problem! Here you go and here you go. Read it in good health.” And off he goes. Maybe this book will be worth something some day. Certainly not today. Tank stows it away in his bag, although no one knows if he can read.

“You have no authority here, ok?” says Conrad. “You should probably talk to Sal first s you don’t make asses of yourselves and we have to leg it again. And on that note, I’m going to try to sell some stuff to people who don’t know any better.” Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.

After a brief discussion, A.I.M. decides to talk to the man in charge, Sal. After a brief discussion with his secretary, they’re let into his office.

“Thank the gods you’re here! You’ve got to help me!” Sal seems very happy that someone has come to lay down the law and find out where the children are. A.I.M. is less than certain that Sal hasn’t done some dirt with the kids himself, but after a rigorous interrogation, they leave, somewhat satisfied. “They stayed with the nuns. You should check with them.”

And so A.I.M. heads off in search of more information.



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