The Demon Haunted World

A Fine Night For a Rogue Pt.2

The Night Continues

The gang heads back to The Whispering Pines to divide the loot and reflect on their adventure. While relaxing by the fire room service knocks. Knowing it’s way to early for room service to have their order ready Allen encourages Tank to saw through the door with his new weapon. Never being one to argue a good plan Tank saws through the door and a battle commences. Some jerks try to shoot the party through the windows but Toshizo handles them with a few thrown daggers. Hax’s spider attempts some wall jumping heroics but manages to fall from the window to the ground below. Allen and Tank hold the line and Toshizo drops the last bad guy with a dagger to the head.

After the fighting is over the team finds a strange communication device in Tank‘s pack. Conrad is trying to reach them. He explains that AIM’s stock has plumetted in New Carville as the authorities and much of the undergound has discovered they were responsible for the theft at Calson’s Vault and the death of Captain Vimes. Being rather well known and well liked in the underground Calson, seems to have greenlit hits on the players and as Captain Vimes was a well liked member of local law enforcment the town watch is also after our brave adventurers. Conrad reccomends escape on a boat that he’s found and awaits the party at the docks. Will the party be able to leave New Carville with their new treasure and their skins intact?



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