The Demon Haunted World

One Dog Night


Hax Adu, Tank, Toshizo and the ever silent Karavoc met at The Baleful Dog, a shady tavern on the road to New Carville. While going over their plans to create an adventuring company a priest from The Order of the Holy Winter stumbled in ranting about a bandit ambush. After some convincing, he told the crew about the loss of the orders holy symbol. He promised some coin and a look at the treasure if it could be recovered. Plans for the adventuring company were fast-tracked. The team mounted up, and headed to the forest to recover the symbol. The bandit leader was none other than “Big” Jim Killinger, the most feared bandit in the area. Although every bit as large as his name suggested Big Jim didn’t last long against our intrepid heroes. After turning Big Jim and his Bandit Brothers™ into Bloody Bandit Bites™ the team recoverd the artifact and returned to the priest.

The priest delivered on his promise of a reward. The team received a little coin, and a look at the holy relic. Each received the Blessing of Winter, a rare touch of the divine in these dark times, which enhanced certain natural abilities.

The adventure was a success and Adventure, Investigative and Mercenary Services Ltd. or A.I.M. was born. The proud new partners of A.I.M. met Conrad Marsden, a charmingly shady travelling salesman, tinker, inventor and departed gods know what else. He offered to follow the group around and help with the “processing” of the treasures they might acquire. After way too many drinks the heroes all high-five and declare A.I.M. “the most bitchinest idea ever.” Drunk and excited they make their way down the road to New Carville in hopes of scoring more work and more loot.

Noteable Notes



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